# Summerskincare # Ryo 吕 is a high-end shampoo and hair care brand under Amorepacific, the largest cosmetics group in Korea. It was founded in 2008 and ranks first in sales among all shampoo and hair care brands in Korea. Unlike many scented shampoos on the market, 吕 takes the route of medicinal plant essences, and all products contain Chinese herbal medicines~ginseng !! I prefer the Hair loss care shampoo, it mainly focuses on anti-hair loss and hair care. The texture is more moisturizing and more suitable for medium-dry hair. It contains triple ginseng essence, which is beneficial to strengthen hair roots. The smell is pretty strong of the ginseng, some people said smell like herbal medicines lol I am surprised people don’t like the smell, I love it!! The bottle contains 490ml, Made in Korea.