# BlackFriYay! # Cut the tenderloin into pieces (slices are fine), add salt, sugar, onion and marinate it. Then add the egg (whole egg) starch flour and mix well (almost enough to hang the paste, don't be too dry) Heat the oil and fry it (I usually fry it in several batches). After frying, just throw it in the hot oil and fry it for a few seconds (for crispness). Cut the pineapple and soak it in salt water (the pineapple here is really sour) Let's mix the juice again. Mix vinegar, ketchup (a lot of this color will look good), white sugar, salt and pepper into a flavored juice. Here, use white pepper (black pepper doesn't look good). If there are white pepper grains, fresh freshly ground powder is better. When the work is ready, you can cook. Put the oil in the pot, fry the onion, garlic and pineapple until fragrant, then add fresh green pepper, red pepper and pineapple, add the prepared juice to thicken, and then add the fried pork to stir fry. Features: Sweet and sour, slightly spicy, delicious, gurgling and pineapple taste better. By the way, I fried the steamed bread slices. As a result, this by-product actually tastes better than the main course.