# BlackFriYay! #Hot and dry noodles are the symbol of my hometown for me. After going abroad, I have never eaten authentic hot and dry noodles. Two years ago, I saw a new hot and dry noodles on Yami. I bought and tried each brand of hot and dry noodles belong to the taste of all brands that is closest to the authentic Wuhan hot and dry noodles. As a native Hubei native of Hubei, I will cry when I eat the first bite. That's this taste. It uses alkaline noodles of serious hot and dry noodles, not other noodles similar to instant noodles. Sesame paste is also restored by God. It is also matched with sour beans and spicy oil. You can cut some chopped green onions and add them by yourself. It is better to have spicy radishes, and the price is also very affordable. There are more than four yuan. There are two packs in it for two people to eat.