# BlackFriYay! # This really authentic Shaxian noodles with scallion oil noodles was bought by Yami a while ago. It only costs $1.69, and it will be even lower after the discount. It is the first time to taste the taste of domestic Shaxian noodles. It is simple but delicious enough‼ ️ It has relatively few ingredients, except that there are only 2 packets of noodles: sauce packet and scallion oil packet. The method of his scallion oil noodles is extremely simple, just put the noodles in boiling water and cook for 2-3 minutes, then remove, add all the ingredients, mix well and then it’s ready to eat‼ ️ The noodles are relatively soft but still elastic, the portion is not too much, full of scallion oil flavor, the simple ingredients taste very good, if it is served with a poached egg, it will be more perfect‼ ️