Tom Ford Suspicion Review

When I see this color scheme, I will feel a little bit of a ghost, but with the TFTF span>The four colors are different.

Four colors are glittering The color is sparkling in the sun, but the interior is low-key and not exaggerated. The orange color in the lower left↙️ has a certain degree of saturation and is a little more coppery.

Compared with Leopard Sun, the feeling is still bad a lot of. It is also completely different from Disco Dust. You can rest assured that this is not a ghost hitting the wall.

I don't think the changes in the depth of the four colors are significant, and it may take a lot of superposition to draw layers. I haven't seen it yet, just a preliminary idea.

Figure3-Figure4All without filter, the color I see with naked eyes. Figure 4 is the test color that is superimposed multiple times, Figure 3 span>A color is onlyswatch a bit.

Actually, the eye will feel that this plate is not very easy to make gradients. The best way is to use the small brush that comes with it to brush the eye shadow, and the color is much higher


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Tom Ford Suspicion 测评



Leopard Sun的对比,感觉还是差了很多。与Disco Dust也是完全不同。大家可以放心这不是鬼打墙了。


3-4均为无滤镜,是我肉眼看到的颜色。图4为多次叠加的试色,图3一个颜色只swatch 了一下。


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