❣Unboxing❣Summer Essential Drink 🌼 | Yami



In the hot summer, I received a summer beverage bag gift package from Yami! Really distressed! Thanks Yami!





There are four kinds of snacks and drinks in the lucky bag: the gift pack includes ThailandBWELL Instant Bird's Nest Drink Pandan Leaf Flavor , Lychee Flavor , Coconut Flavor ;ThailandNUTRIVSTA Pure Natural Pink Coconut Water.



"ThailandBWELL Instant Bird's Nest Drink $4.99



Speaking of beauty and nourishing vitality, it is a well-known health product suitable for men, women and children. It's bird's nest! The main producing areas of bird's nest are located in Southeast Asia, mainly in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.





Because it is a ready-to-eat bird's nest drink, it can be eaten without stewing. This instant bird's nest is packaged in a small glass bottle. The narrow mouth bottle design can prevent the bird's nest from deteriorating in contact with the air. The capacity of a bottle is 180ml. Although it is said that it has added flavor, in fact, the three bottles are not as sweet as imagined, with a light sweetness, smooth and good entrance.



Personal taste ranking

First Place: Coconut Flavour < /span>

Second Place:LycheeTaste

Third place: pandan leaf flavor



"ThailandNUTRIVSTA Pure Natural Pink Coconut Water span> $3.29







Modern urban women are also more inclined to buy beverages with natural ingredients, low calorie and low sugar. And this coconut water has no sugar and no coloring, and has a refreshing taste, which is suitable for quenching thirst in hot summer.



However, my brother thinks this pink coconut water tastes a bit fishy, and friends who love coconut water can buy it first See if you like it or not!



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❣开箱❣夏日必备饮料 🌼 | 亚米








这次福袋内的零食饮料一共有四款:礼包包括泰国BWELL 即食燕窝饮品 香兰叶口味 荔枝口味 、椰汁口味 ;泰国NUTRIVSTA 纯天然粉色椰子水。



「泰国BWELL 即食燕窝饮品 $4.99

















「泰国NUTRIVSTA 纯天然粉色椰子水 $3.29