Take a look at this package of Lay's potato chips in Thailand, the idea is very magical: normally, Thai people eat seafood with special seafood dipping sauce, so they make seafood into a kind of potato chips, and then make the dipping sauce into another kind of potato chips. A potato chip that comes in the same bag. Grab a random handful like this, as if you are using potato chips to simulate eating seafood dipping sauce, which can probably be listed in the annual confusing food award It's delicious~ The potato chips shimmering like yellow shrimp simulate grilled river shrimp, which is different from most shrimp-flavored snacks on the market. It is a very strong shrimp yellow; the light green potato chips simulate dipping. It has a distinct garlic aroma and lime acidity. Two eat together, taste is the most eaten levels of potato chips ...... # 我要当测评官第9期 # # 快乐宅零食清单 # # 三食三餐 #
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看看这包泰国的乐事薯片,构思非常神奇:正常来说,泰国人吃海鲜要蘸专门的海鲜沾酱,于是,他们就把海鲜做成一种薯片,再把蘸酱做成另一种薯片,放在同一个袋子里。 这样随机抓一把,就好像你在用薯片模拟吃海鲜蘸酱,大概可以列为年度迷惑食物大赏里 还挺好吃的~ 闪着虾黄般橙晃晃的薯片模拟烤河虾,和市面上吃到的大多数虾味零食都不太一样,是一种很浓烈的虾黄的鲜;淡绿色的薯片模拟蘸料,有鲜明的大蒜香气和青柠的酸。 两片一起吃,是吃过味道最有层次的薯片了……# 我要当测评官第9期 # # 快乐宅零食清单 # # 三食三餐 #