New York Noodle House | Lao Luo Noodle House A very inconspicuous store, you will miss it if you are not careful, but every time you go there, people keep coming and going, it is very popular Address: 134E 27th St, New York, NY 10010 Spicy Chicken Cold Noodles For someone who likes cold noodles, Lao Luo Noodle House's spicy chicken cold noodles tastes really good! The ingredients are also very rich~ It will be more delicious if you mix the ingredients evenly before eating. The taste of the sauce and the noodles are amazing. It cures loss of appetite. Except the spicy chicken is a little salty, everything else is very good👌 If you don't like chicken / want vegetarian cold noodles, you can try their cold noodles with sesame sauce The taste is similar to the spicy chicken cold noodles, but it will have more sesame sauce, super appetizing! Spicy chicken noodles are similar to spicy chicken cold noodles in terms of ingredients, but the choice of noodles is different. Their beef noodles (no picture) are also delicious! And it warms up after eating! Available in spicy and non-spicy options What attracts me most about this bowl of noodles is the soup base. People like me who don't like soup like to eat the soup one bite at a time. Above ♥️ # 三食三餐 # # 我要当测评官第9期 #
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纽约面馆| 老罗面馆 很不起眼的一家店面 稍不留神就会错过 但是每次去都有人不停的来来去去 人气很足 地址:134E 27th St, New York, NY 10010 辣鸡凉面 对于一个喜欢吃凉面的人来说 老罗面馆的辣鸡凉面味道真的很好!配料也很丰盛~吃之前把配料搅拌均匀下会更好吃 酱汁的味道跟面都超赞的 专治食欲不振 除了辣鸡有点咸以外 其他都很👌 如果不喜欢吃鸡/想吃素的凉面 可以试试看他家的 麻酱凉面 味道跟辣鸡凉面有异曲同工之处 但是会多了麻酱的味道 超开胃的! 辣鸡拌面跟辣鸡凉面配料上来说是差不多的 就是面的选择不一样哦 他家的牛肉面(没有图)也好吃!而且吃完还暖身! 有辣和不辣俩种选项 这碗面最吸引我的是汤底 像我这种不爱喝汤的人都喜欢一口面一口汤的吃完了 以上♥️ # 三食三餐 # # 我要当测评官第9期 #