A double burst of heat and satisfaction!

FondueCheese Fondue.

Never thought there would be such a remote food atFort Collins of. Cheese fondue base with brandy for appetizers, bread, vegetables, etc. Unlimited supply. I asked her to add more cheese to me because I was not used to the smell of alcohol.

We recommend that you do not eat too full of the appetizers, although it takes a long time to serve. But also a little restraint. Because the meat of the main food is really good, the red wine base is completely different from our hot pot. The wine smells strong, and the taste of the meat still brings out the sweetness and tenderness of the meat. There are sauces provided, and we strongly urge everyone not to dip them in sauces. eat. Slices of meat instead of chunks are a smart choice! Really delicious!

The final dessert is the bottom of the pan with chocolate and condensed milk! Small pieces of fruit, small pieces of cake, no dip or occasional dip, sweet and satisfying! Obviously it takes up a lot of stomach, but it is still delicious and I can't stop, so I can't stand up, so let me add a dessert. Desserts are also unlimited.

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从来没想过在Fort Collins也会有如此偏僻的好吃的。前菜面包蔬菜等用芝士火锅底加白兰地,无限量供应。我因为不习惯酒味,还让她给我多加了cheese