Katyn Forbidden City series set color test & evaluation

LateNLong report:

This Katyn Forbidden City series is in Yami Rice Ball Baby6Bought it when I was one year old! Because the face value is too beautiful! I bought it back when my brain was hot. Since the Forbidden City has suspended make-up, I can't help but buy my hands when I see the Forbidden City series. Let's post the unboxing first!

This collection of gift boxes is gorgeous! The button in the center of the box is super nice! If it is given by the emperor, I will definitely feel that I am the emperor's true love😳. However, I bought it for myself.... The surrounding cards are also good-looking and can be used as a collection!

The names of the lipsticks in this series are also super beautiful, and an uneducated person like me can only take pictures silently. I wanted to try the color and post it, but.... < /span>Look at this value.. In fact, there is no need to try the color.. 🙈oh my god, Buy it buy it (here font enlarged and bold)  p>

Here is the color test:

The Splendid Long Song: Red Brown  span>

Cardamom Age: Bean Paste 

Jinse Peach Blossom: Dead Barbie Powder < /span>

Ten Miles of Red Makeup: Thick and True Red Thin Strawberry Red 

Qianli Chanjuan: Watermelon Color Uneven application span> 

Shengshi Peony: a bit like a koi color shiny Bright 

Cinnabar in my heart: likeChilimuch like but dark red with low saturation 

Aqua Rouge: Fluorescent Orange 

Favorite Color:

The Splendid Long Song is also my favorite one.  

Splendid Long Song·The official website describes it as dirty orange , I think it is reddish brown on the mouth. Reddish brown for any skin tone, I want to cry for the yellow-skinned friendly, do not accept refutation

The most beautiful:

The highest value of the Katyn Forbidden City series, the shell is simply indescribable. The texture is three-dimensional, and the color of the shell is alsotiffany blue, if there is any girl's heart in the poke. The color number is aqua rouge. In fact, when I hear the name of the color number, I think the color should be pink. Asian friendly fluorescent orange. Although I think this color is very white-skinned, but seeing that he is responsible for the appearance in the suit, I will forgive its black-skinned unfriendly.

The design and appearance of lipstick:

The pattern of the infrared packaging is so beautiful, and the embossed printing is super delicate (I didn't take a photo of its beauty), and it is very beautiful in the hand. It has texture, and the magnetic suction port is also very convenient. The lipstick appearance is also worth buying and collecting.  

I think the pastes in this series are quite interesting, some moisturizing, some matte. The basic flashy ones, such as Qianli Chanjuan and Shengshi Peony, were not very good at first. But it's much better to use up the first layer.

Moisture is also different for each individual...

The durability is relatively low across the board, and it will stick to the cup. The color matches Asian skin tones as I said before, and death Barbie powder is not the kind that really can't go out.

If you are a friend who likes to collect Forbidden City makeup, this set is really worth collecting. As far as practicality is concerned, this is also a very affordable lipstick. I highly recommend the splendid long song, suitable for autumn and winter❤️

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这套卡婷故宫系列是在亚米大饭团宝宝6周岁的时候买的!因为颜值太美!脑子一热就都买回来了。自从故宫暂停出彩妆后,我看到故宫系列就忍不住要剁手。 先来晒一下开箱图!

这个系列礼盒超美!盒子正中心的纽扣超级好看!若是皇上赠的,绝对会觉得我是皇上的真爱😳。然而是自己买给自己的... 周边的卡片也炒鸡好看,作为收藏完全可以的!

这系列的口红名字也超级美,像我这种没文化的人也只能默默的拍下来。 本来想试色后在发,然而.... 看这个颜值.. 其实也不用试色了.. 🙈oh my god, 买它买它(此处字体放大加粗) 



豆蔻年华: 豆沙色 


十里红妆:厚涂正红色 薄涂草莓红 

千里婵娟:西瓜色 涂不匀 

盛世牡丹:有点像锦鲤色 闪亮亮的 

心头朱砂:跟Chili很像 但是是饱和度低的暗红色 






卡婷故宫系列最高颜值的一款,外壳简直美到无法形容。纹理立体,外壳颜色也是tiffany blue,戳中少女心有没有。 色号为水色胭脂,其实听到色号名字,我会觉得颜色应该偏粉,实际上人家是一个亚洲人友好的荧光橘。虽然我觉得这个颜色很方式白皮,但看在他是套装里的颜值担当,我也就原谅它的黑皮不友好了。





持久度全线比较低,会沾杯。 颜色像我之前说的很符合亚洲人肤色,死亡芭比粉也不是那种真的出不了门的。


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