Shop in Shanghai💅🏻Internet celebrity brunch RAC When it comes to online celebrity shops in Shanghai, RAC is a must. 99% of the internet celebrities I know have come and sent me photos. Personally, I think this shop is not tasty at all except for the good-looking photos 💩💩💩 and it is expensive. The crepes are salty and may be made for foreigners' tastes, special! do not! salty! ! ! The avocado toast is very light and has no taste at all. Since it was summer when I went there, the temperature in Shanghai was 37 degrees. The store is open, there are no doors, and the air conditioning is insufficient. Eat it hot to death. The baking of the toast is also almost meaningless. And no outside drinks are allowed in the store, and there is a personalized service (is this human?) The waiter will put the drinks you bring in the freezer, and you can ask him to take them back when you leave. The traffic around is also very inconvenient! It seems to be a 15-minute walk from the subway. If we drive, there is no parking lot around. It took us an hour to turn around on the road to find a parking space on the side of the road. In general, if you have time, just take a photo and punch a card. If you really want to eat some delicious food, you can’t read the Little Red Book! # 为爱花钱 # # 趁着春光去旅行 # # 夏日香气 # # 百万积分第7季 #
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上海探店💅🏻网红 brunch RAC 说到上海的网红店,RAC必不可少。认识的网红99%都来打过卡发过照片。 个人觉得这家店除了拍照好看以外一点都不好吃💩💩💩还死贵。 可丽饼是咸口的,可能是针对于外国人的口味做的,特!别!咸!!! 牛油果吐司又做的特别的淡,一点味道都没有。 由于去的时候是夏天,上海37度高温。店内是开放式的,没有门,冷气不足。吃的热的要死。吐司的烘培也差点意思。 而且店内不许外带饮料,有个人性化的服务(这人性化吗?)是服务员会把你带来的饮料放进冰柜,等离开的时候可以问他拿回来。 四周交通也特别不方便!离地铁好像要走15分钟,开车的话四周又没有停车场,我们路上转了一个小时才在路边找到停车位。 总的来说有时间的话过去拍个照打个卡就行了,真的想吃点美食还是不能看小红书啊! # 为爱花钱 # # 趁着春光去旅行 # # 夏日香气 # # 百万积分第7季 #