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one year12months I probably have span>10months to lose weight I think weight loss mainly depends on exercise and diet  p>

In terms of diet, I mainly eat something oil-free/Something with less fat and less fat I don't mind the one with a lot of seasoning Otherwise it would be really hard for me to eat boiled vegetables The mouth is not satisfied and does not speak It is also difficult to persevere

1) Oil-Free Low-Fat Tomato Shrimp Pasta

It's a staple meal I eat a lot It tastes good and can be full. The key is oil-free and low-fat < /span>no guilt at all

How to:

- Pre-marinated shrimp/ Can not pickle See personal taste

- Cooked Spaghetti

- Cut broccoli in small pieces After the water in the pot is boiled, put a spoon of salt and then put the broccoli in it and cook it

- diced tomatoes < span class="s4">Fry directly in the pot Fry until the juice comes out and a bowl of water goes in< span class="s1"> then add shrimp pasta and Continue to stir fry the orchid Add a spoonful of pepper < span class="s4">A spoonful of oyster sauce Fry until the sauce is collected and ready to go

2) lettuce with oyster sauce

A particularly light dish

How to:

- Lettuce in one pass Set aside

- Sauce: Sauteed minced garlic until fragrant < /span>Put two spoons of soy sauce one spoon of oyster sauce a pinch of salt a pinch of water span> Boil just fine

- Pour the sauce over the lettuce at the end

These are very simple dishes Kitchen Xiaobai (you can tell by looking at my knife skills) if I can do it too I don't worry about getting fat when I eat it!


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#减肥吃什么# 我的一日三餐

一年12个月我大概有10个月的时间都在减肥吧 我觉得减肥主要还是靠运动跟饮食 

饮食方面的话我主要是吃一些无油/少油低脂的东西 不太介意放了很多调味料的那种 不然让我吃水煮菜真的是太难了 嘴巴不满足不说 也很难坚持下来


算是我吃的比较多的一道主食餐了 味道不错也能饱腹 关键是无油低脂 一点也没有罪恶感


- 虾仁事先腌过/可以不腌 看个人口味

- 煮熟意粉

- 西兰花切小块 锅里水烧开之后放一勺盐再放西兰花进去煮熟

- 番茄切小块 直接放锅里炒 炒到出汁为止到一碗水进去 然后加入虾仁 意面和西兰花继续翻炒 加一勺胡椒粉 一勺蚝油 炒到收汁就可以出锅了




- 生菜捯一遍 放置到一旁

- 酱汁:蒜末炒出香味 放入俩勺生抽 一勺蚝油 一点盐 加上一点水 烧开就好

- 最后把酱汁淋在生菜上就好了

这俩款是特别简单的菜品了 厨房小白(看我的刀功就知道了)如我也可以做 吃了也不担心自己发胖!


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