【Planting】Korea Cosmos Spicy Rice Cake Crispy Strips A small snack with unlimited repurchase, the price is also very cheap, very good quality and cheap. The whole is not big, it is a small package, and one person can finish a package within a few minutes without any pressure. Although it is said to be spicy crispy strips, it actually tastes sweet and has a strong taste. The spicy taste is basically covered by the sweet taste, and there is only a faint taste. The taste is a little different from what I expected, not the so-called "rice cake" taste, but more like potato chips, crunchy. I basically eat this as a small potato chip, and people who are sweet like me should not step on the thunder if they buy this. Because the portion is small, you won't feel greasy even after eating it. If it is a little more, it will become a bit boring. In terms of calories, I haven't paid attention to it. To be honest, I have eaten snacks and I don't really care about the number of calories. I just treat myself as a cheat day. Above ♥️ # 亚米真的6 # # 三食三餐 # # 百万积分第7季 # # 亚米夜市 # # 为爱花钱 #
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【种草】韩国cosmos辣年糕脆条 无限回购的一款小零食,价钱也很便宜,十分的物美价廉。 整体不大,是小小的一包,一个人也可以在几分钟以内解决完一包丝毫没有压力。 虽然是说辣脆条但是吃起来其实是甜口的味道比较重,辣基本上被甜的味道盖过去了,只有隐隐约约的一点味道。 口感跟预期中的会有点差别,不是那种所谓的“年糕”口感,反而比较像薯片的口感,脆脆的。 我基本上就是拿这个当小薯片在吃,像我一样偏甜口的人买这个应该也不会踩雷。因为份量不大,所以即使吃到后面也不会觉得很腻。如果说是再多一点,那就会变得有点腻了。热量方面的话我没注意过,说真的我都吃零食了其实也不太在意这个卡路里多少,就当给自己一个cheat day啦。 以上♥️ # 亚米真的6 # # 三食三餐 # # 百万积分第7季 # # 亚米夜市 # # 为爱花钱 #