☀️There are really not too many delicious Chinese food in our village. Suddenly, I wanted to eat Bazhen tofu, so I hurriedly took my friends to eat it during the lunch break. Fortunately, the food was not slow, and I didn't delay the meeting when I went back after eating. ☀️There are not many Chinese food with fresh seafood here. It is rare to see fresh shrimp in his house, 45 a pound, and the two of us only ordered a pound 🤣. Boiled to eat the original umami. Each shrimp 🦐 is very big, at least half of them are female, and they all have seeds. After the shrimp is dipped in the sauce, there is no fishy smell (I am more sensitive to fishy smell), only the sweetness of the shrimp, which is very chewy and delicious 😋 ☀️Baxian tofu is different from what he made in my impression. I like the kind that is fried with soft tofu or Japanese tofu. This one is a bit old fried, and the inside is not smooth and tender enough. There are quite a lot of side dishes, squid, barbecued pork, fish, beef and so on. Great with rice~ ☀️The lighting in this house is really bad, the overall layout, the tablecloths are all yellowish, it doesn’t look good no matter how you take pictures, please forgive me. # 三食三餐 # # 百万积分第7季 #
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☀️我们村儿好吃的中餐真的不太多。突然超级想吃八珍豆腐,午休的时候赶紧拉着小伙伴去吃了,还好上菜不算慢,吃完回去也没耽误开会 ☀️我们这边有新鲜海鲜的中餐真是不多,难得看到他家有鲜虾,45一磅,我们俩人就点了一磅🤣。白灼才能吃到本来的鲜味呀。每只虾子🦐都很大只,有起码一半是母的,都带籽。虾肉沾了料汁以后,吃不到腥味(我对腥味比较敏感),只有虾肉的甜味,很弹牙好吃😋 ☀️八鲜豆腐和我印象中他家做的不一样了,我喜欢用嫩豆腐或者日本豆腐炸的那种。这个炸的有点老了,里面不够滑嫩。配菜蛮多的,鱿鱼,叉烧,鱼肉,牛肉啥的都有。配饭很赞~ ☀️这家光线实在是太差了,整体布置,桌布都偏黄,怎么拍都不太好看,大家见谅。# 三食三餐 # # 百万积分第7季 #