Barbecue buffet grilled by waiters

This store warns⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️Didi Drip

The last time I went, there were six people. The attitude of the clerk is very bad, their routine is that no matter how much you order, they will serve you three dishes of your order at the speed that you finish one plate and then the next, and then change the plate and ask you what to order. And the last time we went, after the first round of three dishes, they didn't ask us to order. After we took the initiative to order food, we waited for a long time for the food to be served, and the people in the middle were ignored, and the attitude was very poor. When we called to call after the third round, they told us that your buffet time is up and you can't eat. However, when we sat in the car, we looked back at the invoice and realized that we hadn't eaten for two hours at all! ! ! ! !

The six of us ate nine dishes, while my boyfriend and I used to eat seven or eight dishes with whatever we wanted!

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This is on Northern AvenueIron Cast Pot The third branch


Every time we go, we order the first five servings of beef, and then repeat a few dishes as appropriate


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这是在北方大道的Iron Cast Pot的第三家分店