✨This is my first time to eat Papa John's. Although I have been hearing from my former colleagues that I like Papa John's, but I am not impressed, because after all, we still prefer "Pizza Hut" 😂 We used to like "Domino" but the domino here is very ordinary ! ✨When you receive flyer at home, the large up to 5 toppings pizza is only $9.99! Please use code "FALL1" ✨Bought fried chicken by the way! This fried chicken is delicious, sweet and sour! ✨I ordered "the meat" carnivore, but I don't think it's good to be all meat! So removed a bacon and replaced it with Roma tomatoes! It tastes good! 💗Its base has a strong spice flavor, I still like it very much! My family still likes "Pizza Hut"😂 The only thing that makes me feel that papa John's is a bit too bad is that its crust doesn't contain ➕cheese, but Pizza Hut has it 😂 Other than that, I think it's delicious! # 爱吃又想瘦 #
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✨这是我第一次吃Papa John’s ,虽然之前一直听前同事们讲喜欢Papa John’s ,但是没有心动,因为毕竟我们还是比较喜欢“必胜客”😂 以前喜欢“Domino”但是这边的domino感觉很一般! ✨家里收到flyer,大号的up to 5 toppings的pizza只要$9.99! 请使用code“FALL1” ✨顺便还买了炸鸡!这个炸鸡很好吃啊,甜甜酸辣的! ✨我点了“the meat”肉食动物,但是觉得全是肉不太好!所以删掉了一个bacon换成了罗马西红柿!味道不错哦! 💗它的base有比较浓的香料味,我自己还是很喜欢的!家属还是喜欢“必胜客”😂 唯一让我觉得papa John’s 差一丢丢的是它家的crust没有里面➕cheese的,必胜客就有😂 除了这一点,我觉得好吃的! # 爱吃又想瘦 #