[Self-heating BBQ] Gluten Potato Vegetable Bread I didn't expect that the self-heating baby has such an interesting food! The ingredients inside are very complete: gluten, potatoes, lotus roots, enoki mushrooms and other vegetables! The eating method is the same as that of Zihai Pot. First, put all the ingredients in place, add chili and chili powder (a bit spicy, if you can't eat spicy, put less) The cold water exceeds the hot pack, just put the ingredients in quickly and wait! The taste is spicy and delicious, and it is really refreshing with rice! # 亚米晒单 #
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【自热烧烤】面筋土豆蔬菜包版 没想到自热宝宝又出了这么有趣的事食物!里面的料包很全:面筋,土豆,莲藕,金针菇等蔬菜类! 食用方法和自嗨锅一样,先把食材都摆好,放入辣椒和辣椒粉(有点辣,不能吃辣的少放点) 冷水超过热包就好啦,迅速放好食材等待就好啦!味道辣辣的很好吃,配饭真的爽翻了! # 亚米晒单 #