Childhood Memories|Children's Cookies Yamibuy is really powerful! The delicious food of various childhood memories is really touching in the depths of the memory! I ate these kiddie cookies when I was a kid, and now I buy them for my kids, and of course I eat them with me haha! It's still the taste in memory, milky and milky! # 如7而至 #
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童年记忆|儿童乐饼干 亚米网真的太威武了!各种童年回忆的好吃的真的是戳中记忆深处的感动!我小时候就吃着这个儿童乐饼干,现在买来给我的孩子们吃,当然我也跟着一起吃哈哈!还是记忆中的味道,奶香奶香的! # 如7而至 #