Super recommend the grilled fish of Guo Laohu's house Super amazing! ! ! I remember trying Akuan BBQ a long time ago. I was very disappointed after eating it, so I didn't buy it again. I didn't expect anything from self-heating BBQ. But this time, the taste is really good 👏🏻 The fish is a whole pomfret. The side dishes are relatively common, such as diced potatoes and lotus root. Overall it's worth trying! It's just a little salty at the end 😅
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超级推荐锅佬倌家的烤鱼 超级惊艳!!! 记得很久以前尝试了阿宽烧烤,当时吃完超级失望,就再没买过了,对自热烧烤就没期待了 但是这次的尝鲜真的太棒了👏🏻 鱼是一整条的鲳鱼噢~ 配菜比较普通,就是土豆丁藕丁之类的 总体很值得尝试!就是吃到最后有点咸😅