Eating sausages in summer always feels very comfortable. So I bought several varieties of sausages from Yamibuy's Guku Kitchen. This is called corn crispy sausage, which is added with some corn kernels, as shown in Figure 4. After the sausage is baked, the skin of the sausage is fried, revealing the yellow corn kernels inside. Because it is hot in summer, I put it in the refrigerator after I received the goods. The crispy sausages I took out and frozen are the same as in the picture 3 with some ice, but they don’t affect the taste and texture. This corn crunchy sausage and another cheese crunchy sausage are delicious, both belong to the series that will repurchase. # 亚米商城6周年 # # 夏日清凉 #
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夏天吃烤肠,总觉得很惬意。所以我在亚米网的谷库厨房买了好几个品种的烤肠。 这款名叫玉米脆脆肠,就是里面加了一些玉米粒,如图4,烤完以后香肠皮都炸开了,露出来了里面黄色的玉米粒。 因为夏天热,我收到货以后就放冰箱冷冻了,取出来冷冻的脆脆肠就是图3那个样子还带着一些冰,但是烤出来不影响味道和口感哦。 这个玉米脆脆肠和另外一款芝士脆脆肠都好吃,都属于会回购系列。 # 亚米商城6周年 # # 夏日清凉 #