Hand sanitizer that will never be changed after one use 🥳 [Japanese Lion King Foaming Hand Sanitizer] is actually a special hand sanitizer for children, but I, an overage child, can't put it down after using it once! ☺️☺️ I especially like the purple one. Now there are still goods on the Internet, you can search by yourself~🌸🌸 As long as you squeeze it lightly, it will come out with super rich foam☁️It is delicate to the touch, and it is very easy to rinse off! Unlike other hand sanitizers, it still feels slippery and greasy after rubbing it there for a long time~ It smells very nice rose fragrance 🌹 What I like most about it is that after washing my hands every time, even if I don’t apply hand cream, I don’t feel dry, even if it’s autumn and winter now 🍂 I still feel moisturizing and comfortable when washing my hands with it 🥰🥰 Don't look at a small bottle, it's actually quite durable (you don't need to press several pumps every time! The cleaning force is enough, and one press is enough!) I recommend everyone to use it 👌🏻# 为所爱 放肆嗨 #
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用了一次就再也不会换的洗手液🥳 【日本狮王泡沫洗手液】其实是儿童专用洗手液,但是我这个超龄儿童用了一次就再也放不下了!☺️☺️ 尤其喜欢紫色的这一款,现在网上还有货大家可以自行搜索~🌸🌸 只要轻轻一挤,就会出来超级丰富的泡沫☁️触感细腻,而且非常好冲洗干净!不像别的洗手液在那边搓上半天还是觉得滑滑腻腻的~味道是非常好闻的玫瑰香🌹 最喜欢它的地方就是每次洗完手之后,就算不涂护手霜都不会觉得干燥,即使像现在是秋冬季了🍂用它洗手还是觉得润润的很舒服🥰🥰 别看一瓶小小的其实还是挺耐用的(每次也不用大力按压好几泵的!人家清洁力度很够,按一次就够了!)推荐大家用起来👌🏻# 为所爱 放肆嗨 #