When I saw a drink with 0 sugar and 0 calorie, I couldn't help but try it, so I went all in the Alien Electrolyte Water series of Yuanqi Forest, with a total of three flavors: grapefruit, lime, and lychee sea salt. The drink is translucent and milky white, and the sweetness comes from erythritol, which is moderate and natural. In terms of taste, I personally like lychee sea salt the most, and I think the other two are slightly inferior. The three fruit flavors are all natural, but the lychee sea salt has the most obvious and special flavor. 0 sugar and 0 calorie and such delicious electrolyte water makes exercise look forward to again, never step on thunder, please try it boldly. # 双十一必囤 # # 为所爱 放肆嗨 #
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看到0糖0卡的饮料总是忍不住尝试一下,于是all in了元气森林的外星人电解质水系列,一共三种味道:西柚,青柠,荔枝海盐。 饮料是半透明乳白色的,甜味来自于赤藓糖醇,甜度适中且很自然。 味道方面我个人最喜欢荔枝海盐的,另外两款我觉得稍微逊色一点。三款果味都很自然,但荔枝海盐的味道最明显也最特别。 0糖0卡还这么好喝的电解质水让运动都变得又盼头了,绝对不踩雷,请大胆尝试。 # 双十一必囤 # # 为所爱 放肆嗨 #