After I tried Nanchang mixed noodles for the first time, I was very envious of the babies in Nanchang. This powder is too delicious. Thank you Yami for letting me know it! The packaging of Shanye Yangji is my dish, showing the deliciousness of Nanchang mixed noodles in a cartoon hand-painted style. Three side dishes: peanuts, mustard, and an unknown pickle. Four seasoning packets: soy sauce, chilli, seasoning powder, cooking oil. The cooking time is about the same as cooking snail noodles. After cooking, rinse the rice soup with cold water, add in the side dishes and seasoning and mix well. The taste is really indescribable, simple but rich in layers, salty and attractive, and the powder is particularly chewy, not enough to suck. # 为所爱 放肆嗨 #
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第一次尝试过南昌拌粉之后就特别羡慕南昌的宝宝们,这粉也太美味了吧,感谢亚米让我认识了它! 山野阳际的包装是我的菜,用卡通手绘风展示南昌拌粉的美味。三个小菜包: 花生米,榨菜,还有一种不知名的咸菜。四个调料包: 酱油,辣椒,调料粉,食用油。 煮粉时间和煮螺蛳粉差不多,煮好要过一遍凉水冲掉米汤,放入小菜和调料拌匀就好啦。味道真的很难形容,简单却层次丰富,咸香诱人,粉也特别有嚼头,吸溜不够。 # 为所爱 放肆嗨 #