I don’t want such delicious dim sum to be buried! 🥺 When I was in China, my favorite food was roasted sweet potatoes 🍠 This sweet potato tart from Japan largely made up for my regret that I couldn’t eat roasted sweet potatoes here! Each piece of sweet potato tart is the size of a palm, and it is a heavy weight in your hand! The sweet potato above is made of Jinshi taro from Naruto, Japan. It is the kind of sweet potato with the most delicious golden-yellow inner core 😋😋 The sweet potato tart will be sweeter when heated, but the taste is also very wonderful when eaten directly! The taste of sweet potato puree is delicate, soft and glutinous, fragrant and sweet, and it is the most natural taste without adding any artificial ingredients! It's really nice to come here when I'm hungry! # 摸着良心来种草啦 #
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不想这么好吃的点心被埋没!🥺 在国内的时候最喜欢吃的就是烤红薯了🍠日本这款甜薯挞极大程度弥补了我在这里吃不到烤红薯的遗憾!每一块红薯挞都有巴掌那么大,拿在手里沉甸甸的分量好足!上面的红薯用的是日本鸣门金时产的金时芋,是那种最好吃的金黄色内芯的红薯😋😋 红薯挞加热一下会更香甜,但是直接吃味道也非常绝妙!红薯泥的口感细腻软糯,香香甜甜的,一吃就是没有添加任何人工成分的,都是最自然的美味! 饿的时候来一块儿真的太幸福了!# 摸着良心来种草啦 #