When it comes to buying snacks, I always have an afterthought, and it is the first time I have bought the super-popular Vitality Forest Soda. Because it is 0-calorie sparkling water, I thought it would have the taste of artificial flavor and sugar substitute, but who knows there is no such thing, just like drinking soda made from grape juice, the whole is amazing! The sugar substitute used by Yuanqi Forest is erythritol, which seems to be a relatively healthy sweetener that does not participate in metabolism. The bubbles are also very dense and sufficient, and the taste is very enjoyable. I regret not buying more for the New Year. 0-calorie soda makes this flavor. No matter how delicious a bottle of more than 100 calories is, it is not fragrant for me. I just want to repurchase Yuanqi Forest. Looking forward to trying more flavors! # 2022双节快乐 #
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在买零食方面总是后知后觉,至今才第一次买了超人气的元气森林汽水。因为是0卡气泡水,原以为会有人工香精的味道和代糖味,谁知完全没有,就像在喝葡萄汁做的汽水一样,整个被惊艳了! 元气森林用的代糖是赤藓糖醇,貌似是不参与代谢,比较健康的甜味剂。气泡也特别细密充足,口感很过瘾,后悔没多买一些屯着过年喝。 0卡的汽水做成这个味道,那种一瓶100多卡路里的再好喝对我来说也不香了,我只想回购元气森林。期待尝试更多味道! # 2022双节快乐 #