I used to eat camellia oil made by my father for breakfast at home, but I did it once in the United States for so many years, because it was so troublesome 😂 I didn't expect Yami to have it now! ! ! And there are different flavors to choose from, which is really great~ I used to eat sweet ones all the time. This time I tried the black bean salted oil tea and I was pleasantly surprised~ The taste is mellow and salty, as well as the crunchy chopped walnuts and peanuts. I have some nuts~ I like the fact that this camellia does not use only flour, but also replaces part of the flour with sorghum flour, which makes whole grains healthier! It is especially suitable for breakfast or dinner if you are not too hungry and want to eat something~ It’s a good breakfast if you mix it with a burrito~🥰🥰
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以前在家时早餐经常会吃爸爸做的油茶,来美国这么多年就做了一次,因为实在是太麻烦了😂 没想到现在亚米也有啦!!!而且有不同口味的选择,实在太棒了~ 以前一直都吃的是甜口,这次尝试了黑豆咸油茶还挺惊喜的~口感醇厚咸香,还有脆脆的核桃碎和花生碎,口感很棒~为了口感更丰富一些,我还多加了点坚果~比较喜欢的一点是这个油茶没有只用面粉,还用高粱粉替换了一部分面粉,粗粮更健康一点!特别适合做早餐或者不太饿又想吃点什么的晚餐~随意搭配了卷饼就是蛮不错的早餐啦~🥰🥰