A very cute small package of small seaweed, a small package can be used as a normal snack, or used to wrap rice with seaweed. It is fragrant and crispy, and has a fragrance of seaweed. The taste is very good! This pack of seaweed has 27 separate packs of seaweed, which can be eaten when you tear it apart. It is a very convenient snack. It is also a good choice to have a pack to relieve your cravings! This seaweed is not only beautiful and cute, but also comes with a cute shopping bag, which is very practical for shopping! # 好物11道来 #
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一款很可爱的小包装小海苔,小小一包可以当平常零食,也可以用来海苔包饭,又香又脆,又一股海苔味的清香,味道很赞! 这款海苔一包有分开27包独立包装的海苔,撕开便可食用,非常方便的小零食,嘴馋时来一包解馋也是不错的选择! 这款海苔不仅颜值高又可爱,里面还内附送一个可爱的购物袋,这个袋用来购物,非常实用!# 好物11道来 #