Breakfast|mousse cake, strawberries, nuts, tremella soup Have a quick breakfast, chocolate mousse cake, strawberries, daily nuts, white fungus soup. I can't help but share this white fungus soup with everyone! #方家铺子 #早晚除脚汤, choose fresh white fungus, add red dates, wolfberry, rock sugar, etc., no need to stew it yourself, open the lid and eat it, it is very convenient. It tastes very soft and glutinous, with moderate sweetness, thick gelatin, obvious wire drawing, full of nourishment, especially suitable for a bottle in the morning and evening in the dry season of early spring. It can also be heated to drink in cold weather. 方家铺子 is a century-old brand, very trustworthy! The delicious, beautiful and convenient white fungus soup can be drunk sooner or later! # 无限回购 ## 亚米经验值+1#
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早餐|慕斯蛋糕,草莓,坚果,银耳羹 来个快手早餐,巧克力慕斯蛋糕,草莓·每日坚果,银耳羹。忍不住和大家分享一下这款银耳羹!# 方家铺子 #早晚银耳羹,选用新鲜银耳,加了红枣,枸杞,冰糖等,不需要自己炖煮,开盖即食,特别方便。吃起来非常软糯,清甜适中,胶质浓稠,拉丝明显,满满润养,特别适合初春干燥季节早晚一瓶。天冷还可以加热喝。方家铺子百年老字号,很值得信赖! 又好喝又美颜又方便的银耳羹早晚喝起来!# 无限回购 ## 亚米经验值+1 #