# 冬日养生 # 🍀Even in California, where it hardly snows, it has now entered a cold winter. In winter, health care is naturally the top priority in all aspects, especially eating and drinking. On weekdays, I don’t like to drink bland drinks like plain water or purified water. I prefer hot tea with flavor, so I often buy various health-preserving tea bags. Drinking them is not much more comfortable than plain water😄 🍀So when winter comes, I always buy a lot of health-related things as usual. This time I bought a lot of food and drink health supplements from Yami. I must replenish them in winter! 🍀Let’s take a family photo first. My order includes: ❤️Platinum bird’s nest ready-to-eat as a tribute to the Thai royal family ❤️Beijing Tongrentang Ginseng, Longan, Red Dates and Wolfberry Tea ❤️Beijing Tongrentang Chrysanthemum Cassia Seed Tea ❤️Chinese Zhilin wolfberry, premium Ningxia wolfberry ❤️Caizhilin Adzuki Bean Gorgon Barley Tea 🍀 The happiest thing this time is that I bought platinum bird’s nests as a tribute to the Thai royal family. There is no doubt that bird’s nests are good for women’s nourishment and beauty. Winter is the season for eating bird’s nests. This platinum bird's nest brand is derived from the orthodox "Thai Yan" Thai bird's nest. It is mainly made of wild cave bird's nest in southern Thailand. It is hand-picked and impurities are removed. It is made using ancient secret methods. It insists on being 100% natural. The acid content of bird's nest is 0.17g/kg. , the content of dry bird's nest reaches more than 3.88%, that is, 2.91g (not the solid content of water and agar added commonly used in the market, but the content of pure dry bird's nest), and is made through a unique process and sterilized at 121 degrees. It has no preservatives and can be stored for 3 years. Even pregnant women and young children can eat it! This time I bought a box of 6 45ml bottles of ready-to-eat bird's nest rock sugar, and a 185ml single bottle of bird's nest drink longan. The single bottle of longan has more nutrients, helps absorb iron, increases oxygen in the blood, and also contains antioxidants. Oxidants that help prevent cancer. Both of these are ready to eat after opening the lid, which is very convenient. You can drink a lot of solid bird's nest particles. It tastes very sweet. I like it very much! 🍀 I also love Beijing Tongrentang’s ginseng, longan, red dates, wolfberry tea and chrysanthemum cassia seed tea! Each box contains 15 individually wrapped tea bags, which look very delicate and are easy to carry without getting dirty. The ingredients of Ginseng, Longan, Red Dates and Wolfberry Tea include longan, red dates, wolfberry, double rose, and ginseng aged five years and below, which are very nutritious to look at. They are all good things for girls to nourish their qi and blood. The ingredients of chrysanthemum and cassia seed tea are cassia seed, orange peel, wolfberry, burdock root, fetal chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, etc. The two teas are just perfect to drink together! 🍀 As for the products of Zhilinjia in China, I bought a box of Adzuki Bean and Gorgon Seed Barley Tea. The ingredients include barley, tartary buckwheat, coix seed, adzuki bean, red bean, Gorgon Seed, orange peel, and five-finger hair peach. It is suitable for people with body fat and abdominal distension. , friends who have oily face, dull hair, and greasy hair, this product mainly focuses on removing dampness and detoxifying. There are 12 packs in a box. It is also individually packaged and very convenient. Nowadays, merchants are very good at doing business! In addition, it is paired with a bottle of special-grade Ningxia large-grain wolfberry. The most important thing about his wolfberry is that it is dried at low temperature and sulfur-free, so it can be eaten safely. Nowadays, unscrupulous merchants use sulfur to dry wolfberry, which is difficult to prevent. Be sure to choose a conscientious merchant with good quality. What they use is authentic Ningxia red wolfberry, which is freshly harvested. The fruit is large, even and full, and exudes a strong wolfberry aroma. Wolfberry is the key to health care. It nourishes the liver and kidneys. When making tea, put it together or brew only the wolfberry alone, or make white fungus soup and make nutritious soup. Wolfberry is a must. 🍀I like to drink the batch of health products I bought this time in different ways every day. Winter is the health season, so let’s stay healthy together, friends!
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亚米精選 # 冬日养生 # 🍀即便是在基本不下雪的加州,现在也进入了寒冷的冬天,而冬天,养生自然是重中之重方方面面的各种事情,在吃吃喝喝上面更是养生的重点。平日我不喜欢喝白水纯净水这么寡淡的饮品,我更喜欢有滋有味的热茶,所以经常买各种养生茶包,喝着不比白水舒服多了啊😄 🍀所以进入冬天以后,我照例都是要林林总总采购一大批养生相关的东西,这次在亚米就入手了很多吃的喝的养生补品饮品,冬天必须补起来! 🍀先来个全家福,我这一单包括: ❤️泰国皇室贡品的铂金燕即食燕窝 ❤️北京同仁堂人参桂圆红枣枸杞茶 ❤️北京同仁堂 菊花决明子茶 ❤️中国采芝林枸杞子 特级宁夏枸杞 ❤️采芝林 赤小豆芡实薏米茶 🍀 这次最开心的是买了作为泰国皇室贡品铂金燕即食燕窝,燕窝对于女人的滋补和养颜是毋庸置疑了,冬天正是吃燕窝的季节。这个铂金燕品牌源自正统“泰燕”泰式燕窝,以泰国南部野生洞燕为主料,手工挑毛去杂精选,古法秘制,坚持100%天然,燕窝酸含量0.17g/kg,干燕窝含量达到3.88%以上,即 2.91g(非市面上常使用的含水和琼脂添加的固体物含量%,而是纯干燕窝含量),而且经由独特工艺,经121度高温灭菌制作,无防腐剂成分,可保存3年之久,连孕妇幼儿都可以吃!我这次买了即食燕窝冰糖一盒6 瓶45ml装,和燕窝饮料龙眼185ml单支装,单瓶装龙眼的营养成分更多,有助于对铁的吸收,增加血液中的氧气,还含有抗氧化剂,有助于预防癌症。这两种都是开盖即食,非常方便,能喝到好多固体的燕窝颗粒,喝起来甜丝丝的,非常喜欢! 🍀 北京同仁堂的人参桂圆红枣枸杞茶和菊花决明子茶我也很爱!每一盒都有15个单独包装的袋泡茶包,看着就非常精致,而且便于携带,不会弄脏。人参桂圆红枣枸杞茶配料的桂圆、红枣、枸杞子、重瓣玫瑰还有五年及五年以下的人参看着就觉得很有营养,都是女生补气血养颜的好东西。菊花决明子茶的配料是清心明目败火的决明子、橘皮、枸杞子、牛蒡根、胎菊、金银花这些,两种茶搭配起来喝刚刚好! 🍀 而中国采芝林家的产品,我买了一盒赤小豆芡实薏米茶,配料包括大麦、苦荞麦、薏苡仁、赤小豆、红豆、芡实、橘皮、五指毛桃,适用于有身体虚胖,腹部胀满,面部出油暗沉,头发油腻的小伙伴,主打一个祛湿排毒,一盒12包,也是独立包装非常方便,现在的商家都好会做生意呀!另外搭配一瓶特级宁夏大颗粒枸杞,他家的枸杞最重要的是低温无硫烘干,安心食用,现在无良商家用硫烘干的枸杞很多,防不胜防,一定要选质量好的良心商家。他家选用的是道地宁夏红枸杞,新鲜采收,果粒又大又均匀饱满,散发着浓郁杞香。枸杞是养生届的扛把子,滋肝补肾,泡茶的时候放进去一起或者单独只冲泡枸杞,或者煮银耳羹煲营养汤,枸杞都是必备的。 🍀这一次买的这一批养生产品我都很喜欢每天换着花样的喝,冬天就是养生季呀,小伙伴们一起来养生啊!