7-2...Beep ~ Double yellow and two cards! Gold Thermal Wash Mask + Hyaluronic Acid Gold Tin foil mask. Use lukewarm massage to soften cutin and purify pores and enhance skin absorption, so that subsequent tin foil masks can exert a longer-lasting moisturizing effect. If you can add a deep cleaning or oxygen station before this combination, it will be more perfect!
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7-2……哔~双黄齐下卡! 黄金发热水洗面膜+玻尿酸黄金锡纸面膜。利用微温按摩软化角质净化毛孔,增强皮肤的吸收力,好让后续的锡纸面膜能发挥更持久的保湿功效。如这组合之前能加个深层清洁或者驻氧,那就更完美了!