Said to be the best ramen in New York

As soon as I came to New York, I searched Dianping and saw this placeTotto Ramen . He is a Japanese-run Internet celebrity ramen restaurant. The music in it is verynice, and there is no comment. There were a lot of people in line when we went, we took 1about an hour, if you want to check in, Can be used as a good place to take pictures.

The portion of the noodles is large, and it is good to have something like Roujiamo in it, and the soup is also very fresh.

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刚刚来到纽约就搜了大众点评看到了这家Totto Ramen。他是一家日本人开的网红拉面馆,里面的音乐很nice,面不做评论。我们去的时候有很多人在排队,我们拍了1个小时左右,如果你是想去打卡的话,可以作为一个拍照打卡的好地方。