Happy 元宵节 everyone🎉🏮🎊 Made panda dumplings, cat's claw dumplings, and colored dumplings. Picture 4 is the panda whose ear was bitten off by her husband. I feel that my husband is only three years old 😂😂 What cute food did he make, and in the end, it was the feeling of being destroyed at the scene.
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祝大家元宵节快乐🎉🏮🎊 做了熊猫汤圆、猫爪汤圆、彩色汤圆。 图4是被老公咬掉了耳朵的熊猫,感觉老公只有三岁😂😂做了什么可爱的食物,最后都是被破坏现场的感觉。