I want to make the chili oil from the snail powder, but adding twice the chili oil every time is not enough. 😂😂 As a snail noodle professional, I think that the snail is the best to eat. The main reason is that the sour bamboo shoots are sour and fragrant, the soup base is thicker, and it is the only version of rice noodles I have ever eaten that is naturally soft and glutinous instead of crispy. The kind with a lot of additives.
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想让螺蛳粉出辣椒油啊 每次加两倍辣椒油还是不够劲儿啊😂😂 作为螺蛳粉专业户 觉得还是好欢螺最好吃 主要因为酸笋够酸又香,汤底更厚,而且是我吃过唯一一版米粉煮出来是自然带软糯而不是脆的一下就知道贼多添加剂的那种。