Although I'm not from Beijing, this time I bought Beijing jiaojiang noodles and old Beijing steam at Yami. The taste is very good. I will be an old Beijinger once. The fried noodles are very convenient and delicious. Order hot sauce. This is the first time I drank soda. It is a kind of soda with a lot of memories. I drank it when I was a child, but it was not from old Beijing. Even after drinking it, I feel very fond of memories. Bar. There is also this bbcc cream with sunscreen effect. I personally feel good, I have already repurchased it twice. The color is natural and it feels very refreshing to use. I apply it every day when I go out. It is also easy to remove. It feels like a daily necessity. try. I like to eat french fries, and I like tomato flavor. I also like childhood memories. All in all, it is a good tomato flavored french fries. You can also try it like me.
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我虽然不是北京人,但是这次在亚米买了北京炸酱面和老北京汽感觉味道棒棒哒.做一回老北京人.炸酱面很方便而且味好.爱辣的可以自己放点辣酱.汽水第一次喝,是一种很有回忆的汽水.小时候喝过,不过不是老北京得.就是喝完感觉很有回忆.味道也是不错的.大家也来当一回老北京人吧. 还有这个bbcc霜还有防晒功效.我个人感觉不错,已经回购2次了.颜色自然,用起来很清爽感觉.每天出门都会涂.也很好卸.感觉就是日常必备.妹子们可以试试. 我喜欢吃薯条,还喜欢蕃茄味.还有喜欢小时候的回忆,综合起来就是上好佳番茄口味的薯条啦.你们也和我一样的可以试试.