Korea - Infant Muscle Brightening Cream! This is the first time I have started to try the effect of the makeup cream, and I am so disappointed! Did so much homework. It is really better to buy it and see the renderings for yourself! The following hand-testing makeup creams have never been used for beauty! Please also ignore the red hands just after washing! The first picture is the product I purchased! The hand in the second picture is nothing painted! The skin is fair and tender! The third picture begins to base with water cream! The skin looks much more tender! Half of the fourth picture is painted with plain cream, and half is not painted, this is the effect of close-up! In the fifth picture, the logo is drawn, you may think it is still effective, right! The sixth picture is a little farther at the same time, do you still think it has an effect? ? ? ? Even the bright white that was just painted in is not reflected! I am very disappointed, do you want to be white or not, to be bright? Hehehehehehehehehe, no, moisture is more sticky! The point is, if you have enough moisturizing foundation and put on plain cream, you can feel that the skin's moisture has been sucked out! Moreover, the skin pores will be large, and there is no modification. I wonder if the ceramides in it are not suitable for sensitive skin! So disappointed! ! ! It's really hard to buy a makeup cream for sensitive skin
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韩国——婴肌幻亮素颜霜! 这是我第一次入手一直想尝试素颜霜的效果,实在太让我失望了!做了那么多功课。真心不如买回来自己看下效果图! 以下手部验别素颜霜全部没有美颜过!也请忽略刚洗完衣服还红通通的手! 第一图就是我购买的产品! 第二图的手是什么都没有涂!肤质算白嫩了! 第三图开始用水乳霜进行打底!更显得皮肤嫩了很多! 第四图一半是涂素颜霜,一半没有涂,这是近拍的效果了! 第五图,画了标志,你们可能觉得还是有效果对不对! 第六图,就是同时间的稍微远距离了,还觉得有效果????连刚涂进去的亮白都没有体现出来! 我很失望,要白没有,要亮?呵呵呵呵呵呵呵呵呵呵不见得,滋润度比较粘! 重点是,保湿基础做足,涂素颜霜进去,完全能感觉皮肤水分被吸走了!而且皮肤毛孔会大,没有什么修饰度,不知道是不是里面神经酰胺不适合敏感肌吧! 好失望呀!!! 敏感肌肤买个素颜霜可真难