The theme I want to post today is "Plum" My two favorite brands are Yami's, the first is the good Weijia's Guang'ao plum. I grew up eating it, and it tastes sweet and sour. In the United States, it can only be bought in Asian markets or Chinatown, but since Yami also has it, I can only say thanks to Yami. But it is often out of stock, because it is delicious, so be sure to set up an arrival notification. Once the notification arrives, you have to place an order in seconds. Important things are said three times; Arrival notification, order in seconds! Arrival notification, order in seconds! Arrival notification, order in seconds! The second type: Mei Huang, if it tastes good fruit, I was scared when I bought this plum for the first time, so I quickly filled another order, because the sweet and sour is just right, the sourness is the degree I want, and it is a little light It's sweet, and has a salty taste. After eating the core (I don't know if it's true or not), the taste can last for a long time, and it's still very sweet and sour. Not bad. Especially in the first trimester, if you suddenly want to eat sour, this It is absolutely necessary to have a plum. And one after another, I can't stop. I posted it on my Weibo a long time ago. If you like it, you can try it, especially if I am afraid of fat and greedy, this kind of snack It's the savior. I feel like I'm going to travel in the car, and Mei must bring it with me. Okay. Let's go and place an order. Hee hee
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我今天要晒的主题是“梅” 在亚米两个牌子我最爱,首先是好味佳的广澳梅,我是从小吃到大,酸甜味道.到了美国只有在亚洲市或者唐人街才可以买到,可是亚米既然也有,我只能说感谢亚米.不过经常断货,因为很好吃,所以一定要设置到货通知,一通知到货要秒速下单.重要事情说三遍; 到货通知,秒速下单!到货通知,秒速下单!到货通知,秒速下单! 第二种:味良果 的话梅皇,这个话梅我第一次买到我就吓到,火速我又补了一单,因为酸甜刚好,酸到我要的的那个度,又有点淡淡的甜,又有咸咸的味道.吃完那个里面的核(不知道说的对不核)味道还可以含很久都还很酸甜咸.不错.特别孕早期要是突然想吃酸的,这个话梅绝对必备.而且一个接一个,停不下来.很早之前我就在我的微博晒过.喜欢的宝宝可以试试看,特别是我这种怕胖,又贪嘴的,这种零食就是救星.我感觉我要出门旅游在车上,这个话梅也是必带.好了.快去下单吧.嘻嘻