One person, two entertainment, three meals, four seasons

A person?



Why not? Is the snack not delicious or the mobile phone is not fun~0< br>

🌵I don’t know why my life always feels a fast-paced feeling? I like to cook while resting. Cooking is a process that allows you to concentrate so that you can notice that time is passing little by little. From going to the supermarket to select ingredients to cleaning the cutting board, frying and loading it is soothing and relaxing

🌵I also like to go out for a walk after a meal to see the changing scenery around, and I will find the grass just growing in the park. Mushrooms, mischievous squirrels found on the roadside......

🌵Sometimes when I'm lazy, I drag a chair and put it in the yard, listen to music, and look at the grass next door. Run past squirrels, gray rabbits, etc., and watch the clouds in the sky, empty your heado_o

How comfortable a person is I can live well< /p>

Make your own money and spend it yourself Buy the clothes you want to wear 0 p0

 Drink when you want to drink and when you want to laugh Just Laugh 

Many friends always have a few close friends < /span>

Go out and have coffee and tea on sunny days 

Also at home, turn off the lights and wear comfortable pajamas

Playing games Listening to songs and chasing dramas Brush Yami

Has Yami's snack on hand 

Playing and then falling asleep  span>


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一个人多自在啊 可以过得很好

自己赚钱自己花 衣服想穿就买





打着游戏 听听歌追追剧 刷刷亚米