Happiness ❤️ Food for two | Day1 Super delicious, sour and appetizing Thai Internet celebrity chicken feet 🐔

 This theme is newly launched by Yamibuy today It's really funny haha Not only 撒狗粮 There is also a dog pot!! This can mobilize everyone's enthusiasm span>~Then this time I will be attending#< span class="s2">撒狗粮#la! In this topic, I am most interested in sharing the part of two people eating together Because I think this is the most beautiful and warmest moment!


Hahaha, in fact, I think the Double Eleven event is also very related to me After all, the annual 11.10number(Double Eleven) the day before It's my boyfriend and I's anniversary~We have been together since the second year of high school1807days Next month is the fifth Thoughts It really feels like time is running fast! The most thing we have done in the past five years is to eat and play together! I feel Most of my albums are photos of us eating and drinking!


This topic I am going to share with you about our daily meals < /span>Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Record a good moment! I also hope to share more food with you through this☺️ Because I and the male vote are both from Chengdu so we both The taste is spicy and heavy. I usually like to eat and cook some Sichuan dishes! And my boyfriend is really picky So this is also the motivation for me to slowly improve.😆(Although there are I despised him at timesbbme But he still ate it every time to show my support for my hard work)! And I think most of the time when I cook, my boyfriend will help me wash the dishes and cut vegetables Both feel involved in each other The food made will be more meaningful the process of eating will be more enjoyable !!

👉Today's meal:

①Internet Red Hot and Sour Chicken Feet


Hot and sour Internet Red Chicken Feet Full ofQBounce Super appetizer< /span> Especially suitable for two people to eat while watching TV at home!!! Not only will you not gain weight It's full of collagen span> Really invincible and delicious.!

②Sautéed Shredded Pork with Onion and Garlic


Onions are used for hot and sour chicken feet😆 < span class="s2">Just bought the emergency garlic sprouts(Almost the name) The aroma of onion and garlic sprouts spreads throughout the house! The fried shredded pork is really fragrant very delicious~< /span>

③Lactone tofu egg drop soup

 It doesn't look great but the ingredients are very good The richness of with egg drop + luncheon meat particles + tomato particles + minced tofu My boyfriend and I love this thick soup autumn and winter And it's really good I feel warm after drinking it~Nourishing stomach and keeping warm!


😝 Okay, that's it for today's Grid's sharing I hope you enjoy my sharing Like my picture Bi Xin ღ( ´ < span class="s3">・ ` ) span>Hope you all have a good day 💖

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幸福❤️两人食 | Day1 超好吃酸爽开胃的泰式网红鸡爪🐔

 今天亚米新推出的这个主题真的是太有趣了哈哈 不仅有撒狗粮 还有掀狗盆!! 这样更加的可以调动起来大家的积极性~那么这次啦我要参加的就是#撒狗粮#! 这个话题里面我最最感兴趣的就是分享两个人的一起吃饭的环节 因为我觉得这是最美好也是最温馨的时刻!


哈哈哈其实我觉得就双十一这个活动也是和我很有缘的 毕竟每年的11.10(双十一)的前一天都是我和男朋友的纪念日啦~从高二到今天我们已经在一起1807天啦 下个月就是第五个念头啦 真的感觉时间好快啊! 这五年来我俩做过最多的事情也就是一起吃饭一起玩耍! 感觉我的相册里最多的就是我俩吃喝的照片!


这个话题我准备来给大家分享我们每天的餐点 早中晚餐 记录美好时刻! 也希望通过这个给大家来分享更多的美食☺️ 因为我和男票都是成都人 所以我俩的口味都是麻辣重口的 平常也就爱吃爱做一些川菜! 并且我男朋友真的还挺挑剔的 所以这也是让我慢慢进步的动力😆(虽然有时候很嫌弃他bb 但是他每次都还是吃完了 来表示对我辛苦劳动的支持)! 而且我觉得大多时候我做饭我男朋友都会帮我洗碗洗菜切菜 两个人彼此都有参与感 做出来的美食才会更加的有意义 吃的过程才会更享受!!




酸酸辣辣的网红鸡爪 满满的Q 超级开胃 特别适合两人在家追剧看电视的时候啃!!! 不仅不会长胖 还有满满的胶原蛋白 真的无敌好吃停不下来!



洋葱是做酸辣鸡爪多的😆 刚好买到了应急的蒜苗(差不多就这个名字) 洋葱加蒜苗的香气蔓延的整个屋子都是! 炒肉丝真的很香 很下饭~


 虽然看上去不怎么样但是食材非常的丰富 有蛋花+午餐肉颗粒+番茄颗粒+豆腐碎 我和男朋友都很喜欢这种浓浓的汤 秋冬和真的很赞 喝完之后整个人都是暖暖的~养胃又保暖!


😝 好啦今天格格的分享就到这里啦 希望大家喜欢我的分享 喜欢我的图片 比心 ღ( ´ ` ) 愿大家都有开心美好的一天 💖