When there was no Yamibuy, I bought it from Taobao and shipped it with DHL. The shipping cost was more than 100 dollars. By the time Yami started to have snail noodles, the purchase was still limited, and the alarm clock was set to grab five packs for one grab. I have eaten with quail eggs, but the quail eggs are gone At Yami, even Haohuan snails are sold, and there is no need to snatch the goods anymore. I have opened three or five snail noodle shops in New York. Snail powder accompany me from graduate school to work (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)
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从还没有亚米网的时候在淘宝买用dhl运过来 一次运费就是一百多刀 到亚米开始有了螺蛳粉 当时还在限购 设闹钟抢一次就要抢五包 吃到过带鹌鹑蛋的 到后来鹌鹑蛋没了 到亚米连好欢螺都有的卖 且再也不用抢货了 到纽约都开了三五家螺蛳粉店了 螺蛳粉陪伴我上完大学研究生到工作 (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)