I have never successfully bought clothes at Uniqlo, and almost all the ones I picked online have been returned. I really get lost as soon as I enter the store, and I don't know where to start shopping. However, I went there with my cousin last week, and we were planted by all kinds of grass, so I bought three pieces of clothes and came back, and the set turned out to be beautiful. This coat also has a misty gray color too! It's a pity the store doesn't have my number anymore, this is the first time I've had a coat that I liked enough to buy in two colors! Its texture is also super soft, although it is not thick to the touch, it is very warm. Love this coat with Hoddie a little casual. Boyfriend jeans are super comfortable too! The inner layer of the linen is only 5.99. This one is also just $100. Why do I always look sideways? Accidentally spilled coffee 😂
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从来没在优衣库成功买过衣服,网上挑的几乎都退掉了,店内真的一进去就各种迷路,完全不知道从哪儿开始逛。 然而,上礼拜跟表姐去了一次,被各种种草,买了三件衣服回来,凑成一套竟然很好看。这个大衣还有迷雾灰颜色也超美!可惜店里没有我的号码了,这是第一次有一件大衣我喜欢到要去买两个颜色!它的质地也超级柔软,虽然摸起来不厚,但很保暖哦。喜欢这种带着Hoddie有一点休闲的大衣。 Boyfriend牛仔裤也超级舒服!线衣内搭只要5.99。 这一身也刚好$100。 为啥我都是侧着照?因为咖啡不小心撒了一身😂