Sumatran Tigers on Safari Tour 🐯

Sumatran Tigers on Safari🐯

Early drive to the wildlife park above San Diego, Distance from downtown San Diego Zoo35miles, Compared to the San Diego Zoo, the park here is larger, has fewer tourists, and can be viewed in a semi-open environment, not hiding in a car to watch animals

Wild here refers to low or no animal enclosures.


Tiger Traildisplay area allows viewers to watch Sumatran tigers swim underwater. When we visited today, the tiger was awake and walking around in high spirits.


Finally, three weeks ago, I heard that my Japanese friend was taking her four-year-old boy to San DiegoSafariSafari camping for a night is a lot of fun.

She said that the safari park has set up a small camp area with comfortable canvas tents, and the entire programIn addition to a guided tour of the park, there are also snacks and breakfast for the next day. In the middle of the night, you will always hear the roar of lions, tigers and elephants.

So if you want to go camping there, don't miss to make an appointment in advance.

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一早驅車去了聖地亞哥上面的野生動物園, 距離市區的聖迭戈動物園35英里, 相比聖迭戈動物園,這裡的園區更大,遊客數量更少,並且可以在半開放環境下觀賞,並不是躲車里觀賞動物


Tiger Trail展示區讓觀眾可以在水底一睹蘇門答臘虎游泳的風採。 我們今天參觀時,老虎正好醒著,而且精神活躍的到處走動,一飽眼福。