♥️Happy Moment | Super meaningful Kongming Lantern Festival 5th Anniversary 👫

♥️Today is a special day Yes with the male ticket5⃣️anniversary!< /span>But we didn't really care before😂Probably last weekend As it approached, I found out that I made an appointment with my good friend to put the Kongming lantern one month in advance booked11/10tickets ~~Neither of us knew it Completely forgot about the anniversary!But today's anniversary is the most special one for both of us It is also a wonderful Kongming Lantern Festival with good friends~< /span>

♥️Write wishes together and put lights together That process is really touching and romantic!Everyone's wishes revolve around family and friends Health and Happiness!each other We are all cared about each other It feels good to have each other!


♥️11/10   5 Anniversary👫

Today is a simple and happy anniversary

Not only love but also beautiful friendship

I must be the happiest girl

♥️Thanks for being the best for me🐶 p>

Thank you5years of companionship and care 

Always give me all the best things

Pamper me forever Let me live like a child< /span>

Also remember to realize my wish on the Kongming Lantern quickly! 

Let's work together✌🏻


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♥️幸福时刻 | 超有意义的孔明灯节 5周年纪念日👫

♥️今天是一个特别的日子 是和男票一起5⃣️周年纪念日!但是我俩之前真的都没上心😂大概上周末吧 临近了才发现提前一个月和好朋友一起约定了去放孔明灯 订的是11/10的票~~我俩都浑然不知 完全忘记了纪念日这回事儿!不过呢今天的纪念日却是我俩觉得最特别的一次 也是与好朋友一起度过超美好的孔明灯节~

♥️一起写愿望一起放灯 那个过程真的好感动好浪漫!大家的心愿都是围绕着家人和朋友 健康和幸福!彼此之间都被彼此牵挂 都有着彼此的感觉真好!


♥️11/10   5周年纪念日👫







永远都宠我包容我 让我活得像个小孩子