Big Pisces come to open the box, the uncle of the same road, the Yami snack box! ♓️💪💪

I finally received the Yami snack box from Uncle Tongdao today! so excited! ! !

I often read the posts of fellow uncles on Weibo, and also on WeChat. Every day I am a brainless fan who wants to check my constellation before going out. The news of Yamibuy's cooperation snack box is even more happy!

The box is particularly beautiful, and my roommate asked me if I could give her the box to make her addicted to a color boxHahahahaha

There is also a postcard with an air sign in the box It's super cute!

(But then again "You never know what I'll buy next This sentence is literally my dad! It’s so accurate!♎️ ♎️)

SpeakingPiscesIt’s not wrong to be a water sign! Just drinking takes up half the box!

And the Arctic Ocean is a childhood memory! The taste is still the same. has not changed at all!  

Nanjie Village’s Beijing Spicy Instant Noodles is also full of memories of my grandfather and me! Cook to eat Boil to eat Or just eat it dry, it's super delicious!

Yumei's seafood porridge can't be more intimate for me, a child who grew up by the sea!

wuliXiao Hei insists on appearing on the scene The result is still not looking at the camera Hahahaha

1. Nanjie Village Beijing Spicy Instant Noodles.

       Taste and childhood It's like this old brand is getting harder and harder to buy now, and it's even more rare to keep the taste the same. When I was young, I lived at my grandfather's house, and there was a shop nearby, so I often ate it. After I lived with my parents, I couldn't buy it in the nearby supermarket, so I had to go to my grandpa's house every time to buy it. This is the first time I cooked noodles, it can be said to be my noodle-cooking enlightenment teacher< span class="s1">” gone! Hahaha🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜

2. Yumei Homemade Seafood Porridge.

       This seafood porridge The first time I ate it was at a classmate's house, and when I was suddenly hungry, I made it. Convenient and really delicious, the portion is just enough for one person, no more or less. The seafood flavor is very strong, the rice grains are full, and the oatmeal in it will make the whole porridge more delicious. It is especially suitable for breakfast. If you want to lose weight and skip dinner, but you are afraid that you will be too hungry, you can also eat dinner. The amount is not large, so it is very safe! 🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲

3. Arctic Ocean soda.

       This is me I feel that I must push all three out (actually because they are so delicious, it is difficult to choose which one to push.😂). When I was in school, there was a shop near the school that sold this drink. Every day when I went home for dinner, I would buy a bottle on the way back to school and drink it all the way until I finished drinking it at the school gate. As a time-honored brand, even the bottle is a classic. After drinking, it can also be used as a small vase on the windowsill. It's not too cute! 🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤

       Yamishang There are a lot of good things I ate when I was a child, but now I can't buy them in China, so that I can see things and think about my childhood even when I am abroad, which is caring and beautiful.

Finally, thanks for the special appearance, who hasn't seen the camera yetwuliXiao Hei!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Merry Christmas!

Last last! Thanks Yami! love you! Bixin❤️❤️❤️


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大双鱼来开箱 之 同道大叔通款亚米零食箱!♓️💪💪




随箱还有一张风象星座的明信片 真的超级可爱!



而且北冰洋简直就是童年的回忆!味道还是那个味道 一点儿都没变! 

南街村的北京麻辣方便面也满满的都是我和爷爷回忆!煮来吃 泡来吃 或者直接干吃都超级好吃!


wuli小黑坚持要出镜 结果还不看镜头 哈哈哈哈

1. 南街村北京麻辣方便面。


2. 与美家常海鲜粥。


3. 北冰洋汽水。