A little pricey but nice and easy to wear


I just went out in these new pants today

Actually bought it last month I have never had the opportunity to wear it I just took it out for a trip in the past two days

These pants were purchased ataritzia 

$99For poor students It’s very expensive

I hesitated when I bought it But I like it again Finally, let's do it 

I have no regrets so far Because I have received a lot of good reviews!

Go shopping on Black Friday Entering the store will be salesPraise

I am very happy Although I know it may be a polite remark 0 p0


 Has been missing a pair of wide-leg pants

These wide-leg pants save the big-legged star

Every time I wear trousers My legs look thick< span class="s4">😭 So I wear more skirts or shorts (shorts are thinner than trousers? Me too I don't know)

Finding a pair of wide-leg pants that fits you It's not that hard span> 



withcrop topshort sleeves, long sleeves, etc.

All look good It can be said to be very versatile

Are you looking thinner and taller?

And super comfortable to wear 

Quality is on the line

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其实上个月就买了 一直没机会穿 这两天出来旅游刚好拿出来穿啦


$99对于穷学生来说 是很贵啦

当初买的时候犹豫了一下 可是又很喜欢 最后还是下手啦 

到现在都没后悔 因为收到了很多好评!

黑五去逛街 进店铺都会被sales称赞一番

心里好开心 虽然知道可能是客套话




我每次穿长裤 腿都显得粗😭 所以穿裙子或者短裤比较多(短裤比长裤还显瘦?我也不知道)

要找到一条适合自己的阔腿裤 简直不要太难 



crop top啊短袖啊长袖啊什么的

都好看 可以说很百搭啦