🌟 The love of beauty is shared by everyone! 🌟In order to be beautiful, you sisters should use a lot of beauty and beauty products both internally and externally! 🌟Compared to, I actually eat very few skin care products🤗 🌟 Taking advantage of the nourishing season in winter, internal use and external use can bloom beautifully in spring! 1⃣️Vitamin C, can whiten and increase resistance! 2⃣️Grape seeds, can be anti-oxidant and anti-aging! 3⃣️Finally, it’s time to zoom in! Tremella, red beans, red dates, lotus seeds, peanut soup! Just add a little rock sugar! In fact, you can also add beauty foods you can think of. Like picture 3, lily, longan and barley are added! Chinese supermarkets and Yami should be able to buy these things! Simple and easy to make, if you like it, please make yourself a winter beauty and skin care soup ❤️
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🌟爱美之心,人皆有之! 🌟为了漂亮,各位妹纸应该内服外用了不少美容养颜的东西啊! 🌟相比,我的吃的保养品其实很少啦🤗 🌟趁着冬日滋补的季节,内服外用才能在春天美美的绽放! 1⃣️维生素c,可以美白、增加抵抗力! 2⃣️葡萄籽,可以抗氧化、抗衰老! 3⃣️最后,要放大招了!银耳、红豆、红枣、莲子、花生汤!加一点冰糖就好了!其实你能想到美容食物的也可以加。像图三还加了百合、桂圆和薏仁等等!中国超市和亚米应该都可以买到这些东西呢!简单易做,喜欢的妹纸赶紧给自己做个冬日美容护肤汤吧❤️