🤑My double bed 🛏 set 🤑

  I just took off the bed cover today, whatever Also took a photo and would like to send it to you to see if anyone needs a bed cover? The bed in my house is first put on the white bed cover, and finally put on, and there are other color bed covers. What I mean is: a total of 2bed covers. The bed won't be dirty either!

My Double Bed🛏Sleeve and red bed cover, got it. Because I have used red bed covers before! Maybe it's because of sweating!

In addition to double beds🛏sets also have singles!

 After reading my sharing above, you are Isn't it also exciting💗? Then get ready!

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  我今天正好弄下床套,随便也拍下照片,然后 想发给你们看看有没有人需要买床套的?我家的床先是放在白色的床套,最后再放上,另外有其它颜色的床套。我的意思就是说:一共弄了2层床套。床也不会脏到哦!