🐶 The paparazzi who can sing🐶

 Last year was probably8Month, my husband's sister, come to see the small gift we bought for my baby👇🏻 See the picture below

Only the places where it is marked are the paparazzi who can press ↓ and sing , because my baby was also born in the year of the dog, just last year

This toy dog is6months start to36months to play, then Baby can walk and roll over. Look here, does anyone feel honored to know it? 🤣 

It is used🔋 Battery Oh! As for 🔋What is the size of the battery? I don't know, I haven't dismantled it

See? My familyJenny had a great time! 😝

Little guys like listening to the rhythm of music, so they will gradually become good children span>👩‍👦

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这玩具狗是6个月开始到36个月就可以玩了,那时 宝贝也会走路,还有翻身了。你看这里,有没有人感到荣幸之至,能认识它?🤣