😘My husband bought it for my birthday😘

 Last month17 is my mother's birthday, he is on 15 bought me a present on Tuesday. Because he's off Tuesday, it's Kisseschocolate, I don't think I've ever had it! Since I saw this chocolate and haven't touched it yet, I want to sprinkle dog food🤣 He is buying2bags! not1package🤗

I'm not trying to remind everyone that on Valentine's Day, what are you going to give to your significant other? What's the most suitable gift to buy?🎁? Looking forward to your posting😝

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 上个月17号是本宝妈的生日,他在15号周二就给我买了礼物。因为他是周二休息的,它是Kisses巧克力,我好像从来没吃过吧!因为我看到这巧克力,还没动过,所以我想撒下狗粮🤣 他是买2包哦!不是1🤗