Pink representative: Pillow Talk

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Novice friendliness:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

2018AnnualPillow Talk The series is a Japanese-style eyeshadow palette from Europe and the United States. Simple four colors, but revealing the tenderness that can squeeze out water (forgive me for this analogy).

In terms of powder quality, I think the four-color eyeshadow is better than its big plate (star plate). Very good smudge, no powder, strong color rendering. Even the color matching is for Asian skin.

It is said that nude makeup is actually the most difficult, but withPillow TalkNovices can do it too. The combination of the four colors can definitely be painted well, even if it is excessively bad, it will not be abrupt. Although there are a few changes at the same time, it is definitely a very classic plate. Girls who like nude colors, please don't miss this plate.

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粉色系代表:Pillow Talk


关键词:日杂裸妆代表. 淡粉系女孩.日常见家长妆容


2018年出的Pillow Talk系列算是欧美系的日杂眼影盘了。简简单单的四个颜色,却透着能掐出水的温柔(原谅我这个比喻)。


都说裸妆感其实是最难的,但有了Pillow Talk新手也可以做到。四个颜色的搭配,绝对是怎么画都画不错,就算是过度的不好也不会突兀。虽然与此同时少了一些变化,但绝对是很经典的一盘。喜欢裸色系的少女们请千万不要错过这盘。

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