Amway is a must-have whole wheat toast during weight loss! ——————————————— Many people think whole wheat toast is high in calories Why do you keep saying it can lose weight? 🤔 Because the same calorie content of white bread is compared to whole wheat bread Whole grain bread is rich in dietary fiber and makes you feel fuller It has a lower GI index and is more nutritious So how do we choose from so many whole wheat toasts on the market? 1. The first place in the recipe table should be whole wheat flour 2. The content of saturated fat (Total fat) per two slices of toast is less than 1g 3. The sodium content (Sodium) of every two pieces of toast is less than 400g 3. The dietary fiber content of each two slices of toast is 4g 4. Don't use high fructose corn syrup When buying whole-wheat toast, pay attention to these four points. You can meet the conditions~ Amway's two pieces of this toast are only 80Kcal🤭 super low calorie This is the breakfast I have been repurchasing lately usually eat it Pair it with a glass of yogurt milk or something to make you feel fuller I feel very choked to eat whole wheat toast directly 😂 I like toasted crunchy texture This can be bought in general foreign supermarkets~ # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 冬天就要吃点好 # # 什么值得买 # # 团长群BO #
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安利一款减肥时期必备的全麦吐司! ———————————————— 很多人认为全麦吐司热量很高 为什么还总说它可以减肥呢?🤔 因为相同热量的白面包和全麦面包相比 全麦面包富含膳食纤维更有饱足感 它的GI指数较低营养价值更加丰富 那市面上那么多全麦吐司我们该怎么挑选? 1.配方表里排在第一的应该是全麦面粉 2.每两片吐司的饱和脂肪(Total fat)含量少于1g 3.每两片吐司的钠含量(Sodium)少于400g 3.每两片吐司的膳食纤维(Dietary fiber)含量4g 4.不使用玉米糖浆high fructose corn syrup 买全麦吐司的时候注意这四点有符合条件的都可以~ 安利的这款吐司它两片只有80Kcal🤭超低卡的 这是最近一直在回购的早餐通常都是吃它 再配搭一杯酸奶牛奶什么的都可以很有饱腹感 全麦吐司直接吃我觉得很噎😂我喜欢烤脆脆的口感 这个一般老外超市都买得到的~ # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 冬天就要吃点好 # # 什么值得买 # # 团长群BO #